Add a blog to your Flarum discussion forum.

With just a few clicks this extension does exactly as it says it does: it adds a blog section to your Flarum Forum. Feel like blogging? Install it on your Flarum installation and get started within minutes. Want to know more? Just scroll down!

You can install the plugin by following the instructions on Extiverse. If you are more experienced and you feel confident enough not to read the instructions you can always just execute composer require v17development/flarum-blog. Like that image on the right? Check out the UPC Community!

Features 😎

With Flarum anything is possible. It’s the perfect platform to build your community and everything around it. The Flarum Blog extension brings new blogging features to your community. It allows you to turn your discussions into real blog posts, with a cool image and a great summary.

Blog Articles

Every blog post is called an article. Flarum Blog displays this as a different page as a regular discussion.

Ghost Loading

Makes loading beautiful. 


We fully integrated our Flarum SEO extension in your blog. 

Flarum Tags

The extension uses the advantages of the flarum-tags extension.

Multiple Languages

The extension fully supports friendsofflarum/discussion-language.


Your blog is a topic in disguise. This makes it possible to allow comments on your blog article.

Blog Composer

We’ve modified the composer to fit the needs for a blog system. Compose or edit posts in style!

In short: User-friendly blog extension, Easily create and publish new posts, Very clear structure and overview of all blog-posts. We are very satisfied with the result. This should be a must have of every community!

What users say!

Don’t believe us. Believe our users. The extension is guaranteed to make you happy with your new blog! If not, we would love to get some feedback!

How to get started?

You can get started with the Blog for Flarum extension very easily. You have low effort for a very extensive extension ready to get you up and blogging in a few minutes. There are two ways to get this thing going.

You can use the default and a bit more advanced method to install Flarum Blog on your own Flarum installation, or you can use FreeFlarum to get it all done with a few clicks.

Just run composer require v17development/flarum-blog.
Flarum can be a bit hard to set up. With FreeFlarum you don’t have to bother anymore. Just create your free Flarum installation within seconds.

As soon as you have a FreeFlarum instance running you can just activate the Blog extension. That’s it.

> Get started here


Blog for Flarum is developed by V17 Development, but not alone. We do this for you and we do this for free. If you want to contribute to this extension you absolutely can.

> Contribute on GitHub

Free forever.

The Blog for Flarum extension will be free forever. We will never start charging you for the plugin. We develop the plugin to help thrive and support the Flarum community.

The creation of this extension was sponsored by GlowingBlue. However maintaining the plugin is not sustainable. We’d love to get your support either by using, contributing or donating to the extension.

You are in no way obliged to donate. The extension is free of charge and will always be free of charge. We would love it though! Donations help us secure the future development for this extension as we plan.

Works with extensions.

Blog For Flarum integrates with some extensions to improve your experience. We believe in te extension ecosystem. Flarum allows for great interaction between extensions. We currently support the following extensions officially.


by V17 Development

Night Mode

by Friends of Flarum

Custom Paths Soon

by Clark Winkelmann

Discussion Language

by Friends of Flarum

Flarum Blogs is powered by V17 Development and Contributors. Big thanks to GlowingBlue for making this possible.